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Winner of the Grand Prize at the Bristol Games Hub Global Game Jam 2023

Made in just 48 hours, Interment is a short narrative puzzle game about the connection between the stories of our ancestors and the stories we make today. 

In Interment, you play as a contractor for developers who are planning to build homes on an old family graveyard. As part of the planning permission, the graves must be reinterred elsewhere with accurately named headstones. Your job is to match the currently unreadable, crumbling headstones to the correct person using archive material and clues in the graveyard itself.

This archive consists of transcripts of documents belonging to family members buried in the graveyard, including a will, diary entry, death certificate, letters and even song lyrics. In these, you get a fleeting sense of the family members’ lives and relationships.

With the fate of the Hawthorn family legacy in your hands, Interment asks you: what does it mean to have roots in a place? And what does it mean when these roots are severed?

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Skills used

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Character design




Team management

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